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Wireless and Home Networks

Wireless and Home Networks

With modern technology being so prevalent in life today, wireless and home networks have become the backbone of any home or business. What do you need from your home or office network?

• Do you work at home frequently, and require access to a corporate network through VPN (virtual private network) technology? You'll need a good router that can handle VPN pass through.

• Do you watch TV through the Internet, using services like Hulu or the networks' own Websites? If you're streaming video from the Internet to multiple locations in your home, you'll want a reliable networking infrastructure--probably a wired network.

• Are you a serious online gamer? Do you connect to massively multiplayer online games or through services like PlayStation Network or Xbox Live frequently? You'll need not only to buy a good router but also to steep yourself in key router capabilities such as port forwarding.

• Are you just looking to connect a couple of laptops and maybe a Wi-Fi-equipped cell phone to the Internet for Web access? You might be able to get by with a single 802.11n access point.

Is your network Reliable? Is it as fast as you think? How Secure is it?

The fact is many only use a fraction of the service they are paying for or expecting from their service provider. This is not always the fault of the provider. If you expect high speed throughput, consistent reliability and next level network security you need to upgrade your consumer grade wireless routers and access points. The solution for underperforming networks is hardwired connectivity and commercial or enterprise grade network solutions.

Wireless networks should be safe, reliable and fast.

Wireless networks are expected to handle the bulk of many small to midsized networks. Your networks performance can be slowed to a crawl the reliability of connectivity can be hit or miss and the neighbors could be using your wireless signal and accessing your personal files. There are many solutions that resolve these issues and more.

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