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Home Automation and Control

Home Automation and Control

We expect things like power locks, dimming dome lights and security for our vehicles. Then why has it taken so long to automate our homes? System integration and home automation make life simpler, safer and empowers you to develop an environmentally friendly lifestyle that saves energy.

Advantages of System Integration and Home Automation

Lighting Control

The most popular subsystem of home automation is advanced lighting control. Smart dimmers are installed to reduce energy, set the mood and schedule timed events for lighting scenes. Adding a car visor to your system can signal a chain of events to provide a safe passageway from the garage through the home.

Climate Control

Another effective system integration and automation solution is climate control. By connecting your homes HVAC systems, you can control every zone from the comfort of your favorite chair. No more wondering if the garage apartment unit is running. Mobility solutions include actively monitoring your home while being away and having the convenience to adjust the temperature on the fly.

Single room, Multi room Home Entertainment Control

One system that controls your home entertainment systems, one interface, intuitive solutions. Start with a single room control system or expand to a whole home control system. Imagine a control system that anyone can learn to use. Control watching Tv, listening to music and much more.

Security system integration.

As systems integrations go security stands at the top of the list. Knowing when a motion sensor is activated, being notified when the doors are unlocked, or being able to view all cameras from anywhere provide a sense of comfort that is hard to beat.

Motorized Window Treatments

Automated shading systems have been a large part of our past, present and future. With over 33 years experience in the custom window treatment industry, we feel strongly suited for helping with product selection measuring and installation of your motorized shadings and automated solutions for tying them into your home control system.

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